J.L. Lomax Elementary School

Skip to main content J. L. Lomax is the Place to Be! ........College Bound and Career Ready...... J. L. Lomax is a Title 1 School...2014 Reward School for Highest Progress... New School Hours 7:45 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Teacher of the Year

"I believe an effective teacher cares about what he or she is teaching and who he or she is teaching. For this reason, I can continue to share instructional strategies, professional learning, and classroom resources not only in my current grade level, but also pervasively at J. L. Lomax. In order for teachers to grow, teachers’ mentalities must extend beyond their classroom walls and work collaboratively to help all students." - Rejeana Wright, J. L. Lomax Elementary School
Mrs. R. Wright